Service Dog Types

Changing Lives Through Trained Service Dogs

At Hub City Service Dogs, we understand the difficulties in performing certain tasks for people who have disabilities and special medical needs. We work with such individuals to enrich the lives of people with physical impairments or disabilities, which include balance problems, diabetes, asthma, anxiety, seizures, etc. This is achieved by training and providing quality, task-trained service dogs. These dogs provide a valuable service and have improved the quality of life for their owners.  
These specially task-trained dogs can assist by finding another person to lead to the disabled owner, barking to signify that help is needed, giving balance and counterbalance to support ambulatory persons, giving back objects that are out of their owner’s reach, turning the lights on and off, and many other tasks that may be needed by a person with a disability.

You Can Help to Reach Every Family's Fundraising Goals

Training a service dog can reach approximately $40,000 and this means that every single family has a long way to go to meet their goals. Your help will be greatly appreciated. If you are interested, you can call us to find out how you can help, volunteer, or donate.
Our specialized and trained service dogs can help you perform everyday tasks.
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