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Who We Are

Hub City Service Dogs is a nonprofit organization in Hattiesburg, MS, that partners individuals with specialized service dogs to meet their specific medical needs. Service dogs are specially trained to perform specific tasks that increase the independence of their human partner. People paired with service dogs show improvements psychologically, economically, and socially. Individuals with service dogs gain independence that would never be achieved without the help of their dog.

What We Do

We started as a company that focused on providing diabetic alert dogs. Today, we acquire, train, and place dogs to meet a variety of medical disabilities, including anxiety, PTSD, asthma, diabetes, and POTS, as well as general therapy dogs.
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Dog Training

Our dogs are selected on an individual need basis. Each dog is selected specifically to fit the needs and environment of the client and then custom trained to fit his or her needs. A thorough behavior evaluation is completed before the dog is selected for training.
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Financial Help

Service dogs can reach $40,000 depending on the type of diagnosis and training required. If you can demonstrate a need to use the services of an assistance dog, you can qualify for assistance and we'll help you with the financial burden.
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