Introducing Snow - Our Intelligent Service Dog

Snow is a Great Pyrenees mix who helps Lacey manage her Tourette Syndrome and Negative Myoclonus Epilepsy. They attended Jones County Junior College together and competed as part of the SkillsUSA team! Snow is trained in deep depression therapy (where she'll put her body on top of Lacey's and hold down during an episode) in order to keep Lacey and others safe.
Lacey says, "I used to not like to go out on my own, and now I can because I feel secure with her, she's my security blanket. I can't imagine life without her or how I handled it beforehand, but she's really a blessing." She also said that Snow is truly a part of their SkillsUSA team and they couldn't have made it without Snow's mothering personality. They were so excited to graduate together! We're so excited to watch these two grow together!
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 Snow - Intelligent Service Dog

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